About Trip

Literally Whomst?

Trip is a certified cool meme baby, with several diverse interests:

  • Booze
  • Spaghetti
  • Death Grips and heavy metal
  • Simlit
  • Pussy

You’ve probably seen me around, shitposting in people’s comments (though full disclosure: I have full permission from everyone to be like this) and that’s why you’re here! You might even know my real name and face, but let’s not get into that.

Like Axel, We’re JAQing Off (Just Asking Questions)

Is Uptown a tragic autobiography?

Very, very, very loosely (I have self-harmed, attempted suicide, and acted out), but I don’t want to be worried about either. I’m gettin’ better.

Actually you’re not licensed to write about this trauma.

You don’t own me. 😎

Are you Vietnamese, or German?

Neither. I’m a Cote if anything.

I’m scared of you (or at least kind of intimidated).

I put this here because I actually do get this comment a lot, usually in hindsight after befriending someone. There are two sides to this:

  1. I deliberately do come off as a weird memer.
  2. But it started off as a way to come off as chill and funny, but that and past circumstances have made me often appear more aggressive and ready to bite someone’s head off for a misstep.

I solemnly swear I’m not any of that. In the end, I’m a weirdo who wants friends like anyone else does. Be open in the comments section! Try to hit me up on other places that you see me. Or not. But I won’t bite you for any of those choices.

Do you take criticism?

Any and every! In fact, I’d argue it’s a lot more accepted in this community than most concerned readers think it is. Please don’t let a few vocal authors censor you around anyone. Uptown is a free speech zone. 😉

What about that story you were collaborating with for 120 chapters-